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"Memory isn't predicated on a person's level of intelligence. It's something quite separate and unique for each individual."

What Is Young Active Minds About?

Young Active Minds started out as an initiative set up by Montgomery (Monty) Lord in an attempt to help others to improve their memory retention & learning skills. Following on from Monty’s initial work, this charity was registered to promote and provide a full spectrum of enhanced learning methods to children and young people. IQ and memory are two very different things. Any persons memory can be trained and improved very quickly.

Young Active Minds advances education in enhanced learning methods through the provision of specialist memory training. These are techniques that children and young people can use to both further their academic attainment and also in numerous everyday applications. We do this through the provision of educational training to improve the learning methods of children & young people in their school settings and within their communities. This is achieved through workshops, online courses and assemblies by visiting academic settings in person, as well as youth groups, libraries, public meeting spaces and other community groups.

The typical structure of the basic workshops addresses the fact that memory is not predicated on intelligence and that each person, irrespective of academic attainment, can have a great memory. The workshops are structured around various activities which engage the children & young people both on a one-to-one basis and also in groups. The sessions begin with a discussion about what memory means to them and how memories can affect their moods and behaviour. There is a baseline memory test and the session ends with each child being able to perform feats of incredible memory recall. This is used to demonstrate to each child that they can achieve and increases feelings of self-esteem. It’s a measurable outcome for each participant, achieving far beyond what they perhaps previously believed. During the workshop, we introduce the children to various memory enhancement techniques and provide advice and guidance upon how to apply these techniques to their everyday lives and school work.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to advance education & mental health awareness throughout all community groups by the promotion of enhanced learning methods and the provision of services and specialist memory training to support the development of all individuals’ capabilities, competencies, understanding and skills through school, leisure time and community activities, irrespective of financial background, current attainment levels or cultural diversity.


This charity has also been launched during the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations.

We fully support the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG4: to ensure equitable and quality education for all.

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